Industrial applications can benefit considerably from the overwhelming amount of still growing resources such as websites, images, texts, and videos that the internet offers today. In order to leverage this potential, these applications need to address the Big Data Problem, which not only consists of the handling of this immense volume of data. Moreover, data needs to be processed, cleaned, and presented in a user-friendly, intuitive, and interactive way. This workshop addresses visualization and user interaction challenges posed by the four V’s: Volume (huge data amounts in the range of tera and petabytes), Velocity (the speed in which data is created, processed, and analysed), Variety (the different heterogeneous data types, sources, and formats), and Veracity (authenticity and validity of data). Big Data driven interfaces combine suitable backend and frontend technologies as well as automatic and semi-automatic approaches in order to analyse data in various business contexts. An important aspect is human intervention in developing and training data-driven applications (human in the loop). This workshop targets Visual Big Data Interfaces in industrial contexts such as e-commerce, e-learning and business intelligence. It addresses interfaces for three different user groups: data scientists, data workers and end users. Based on these three user groups and the described issues, the workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussing research questions and solutions in industrial applications.